The Mucky Book Club

Because, you know, I like to keep myself busy, I’ve come up with a stonking new idea.

Do you like your leisure reading to have a little frisson of naughtiness?

Do you sometimes have to hide your blushes when you’re reading on the train?

Did your teenage copy of Forever by Judy Blume mysteriously fall open on certain pages?

Would you nevertheless run a mile from the Erotica section of your local bookshop?

Then the Mucky Book Club is for you!

The Mucky Book Club is an online reading circle devoted to reading great books that just happen to have an undercurrent of lust running through them. Think Jilly Cooper’s Riders or Ian McEwan’s Atonement, and all the shades of meaning inbetween.

Once a month, we will all read a Mucky Book Club pick, and then share our views on our online forum. The initial debate will happen live, but those who can’t make it can join in on our discussion boards.

Meanwhile, we can also share the Mucky Books we’re reading or have enjoyed in the past, by posting recommendations and reviews.

The home of the Mucky Book Club is on Shelfari, which and it’s very easy to sign up. Click here to find our page.

We also have a Facebook page where we can share news and debate.

Finally, you can follow the #MuckyBooks tag on Twitter.

Please join us! News of our first group read coming soon.

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