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The Best Indie Lingerie

We buy 61 million pairs of knickers from M&S each year – so how about branching out for the New Year?

There are a plethora of indie designers out there offering unique, cool and beautiful underwear that are a breath of fresh air in a market that can feel very same-y.

It’s so refreshing to see designers approaching the female body in new ways, inviting all shapes and sizes back to the table.

The only thing that’s often lacking is good support for bigger breasts – please address this, designers! For those who can’t survive without a great deal of cantilevering, though, there are plenty of beautiful knickers and camisoles to layer over the top of a good bra.

These are my favourites.




Bully Boy Lingerie


Frantic About Frances




La Lilouche


Honey Cooler Handmade


Impish Lee





Sophie Hines



You can find loads more on my Pinterest board devoted to lingerie. Who are your top indie lingerie designers?

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Knicker Glories

I’ve featured Strumpet & Pink’s divine knickers on this site before, but when they sent me some of their latest photos, I couldn’t resist sharing them with you all over again.

I adore the playful, sexy details like buttoned-up gussets and bow-fastenings that invite your lover to unwrap and explore. Not so much underwear as a seduction in itself.

Click on the images to enlarge. 

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Strumpet & Pink

Strumpet & Pink make the most divine knickers imaginable.

Each pair is an exquisite confection, pitched somewhere between adult and childhood fantasy.

I love the way they dress the female body. It feels as though they are designed with unwrapping in mind.

Or being quite undone.


Blogger disclosure: I did not receive any free samples or payment for this review; I initiated it myself.

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