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Now, I know that readers of this blog are extremely discerning. You know exactly what you like, right down to the finest detail.

That’s why I think you’ll love Made To Pleasure. Basically, they make very posh dildoes, but it’s much cleverer than that.

MTP toys come in an intriguing range of shapes, which are aimed at targeting the different places that you might feel pleasure. The Ellipse, for example, teases the entrance of the vagina, whilst the Taper is aimed at cervical stimulation. There are, of course, also all-rounders like the Ripple.

They come in three finishes – acrylic, gold- or silver-plated. Yes, that’s right: gold-plated.

But what I like the most is the careful thinking around vibration. MTP argue that it’s your clitoris that wants to feel the vibes, not the inside of your vagina. So each of their toys comes with its own, separate, vibrating bullet, so that you can get the best of both worlds. Now, why hasn’t anyone thought of that before?

MTP also offer a Made To Measure option, which allows you to design a toy to your own specification on their nifty website. So, those of you who have reached princess-and-the-pea levels of discernment can finally find your Prince Charming. Which significantly mixes my fairytales, but you get my point.


Orders need to be placed by 1st February to guarantee delivery by Valentine’s Day.


Blogger disclosure: I did not receive any free samples or payment for this review; I initiated it myself.

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2 Responses to Made To Pleasure

  1. Dan Thompson 19/01/2011 at 18:07 #

    Every woman I’ve been with has never been interested in using sex toys, which is a shame really as some look really intriguing . . .

  2. Betty Herbert 19/01/2011 at 18:13 #

    That’s such a shame, Dan! I think lots of us were put of by the poor choice a few years back. It’s a whole new world out there now, though.

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