Competition – Are you a Grumpy or a Seductive Valentine today?

Those of us in long term relationships can feel a bit ‘meh’ about Valentine’s Day.

All that romantic posturing and expense; we’re just over it. We have to keep love alive on the other 364 days of the year, too. We suspect, in any case, that it isn’t really aimed at us.

But on the other hand, Valentine’s Day can offer us an excuse to make romantic gesture, or to simply remember that we are lovers as well as friends. And that ought to be celebrated, I think.

So, I’m giving away two identical competition prizes today. To win a signed copy of The 52 Seductions and a bottle of Calvin Klein Euphoria, you can choose which of these you want to enter, depending on your mood (or, hey, go for both – I don’t mind).

Grumpy Valentines: What’s the worst Valentine’s Day you’ve ever endured? An embarrassing date, a terrible gift, or just a trail of destruction?

Seductive Valentines: What’s the best seduction you’ve ever carried out? Or maybe you’ve got something wonderful planned for tonight?

To enter: you need to follow me on Twitter or Facebook, and share your answer on either here in the comments section, or on Twitter or FB with either #grumpyvalentine or #seductivevalentine.

I’ll announce the winner on the morning of 15th February. My decision is final, which I rather like.

And can I gently suggest that a copy of The 52 Seductions would be a wonderfully romantic gesture for your long-term lover? Just saying.

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2 Responses to Competition – Are you a Grumpy or a Seductive Valentine today?

  1. SplashMan 15/02/2012 at 09:39 #

    While romantically inclined I’m purely here to test your Captcha so don’t qualify for your competition. Great idea though :-)

  2. Betty Herbert 15/02/2012 at 19:08 #

    Okay, well I might as well test it too, then…

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