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Dundee Cake

This is my mum’s recipe. They’re not the same when I make them, but I suppose that’s only to be expected. She’s much neater with the almonds.


Makes 4 x 6in. (2lb in each)  or 2 x 8in.

1 lb butter

1 lb caster sugar

1lb 6ozs plain flour

Pinch salt

2 tsp. mixed spice

Grated rind of both 1 lemon and 1 orange

10 eggs

3lb 8ozs mixed fruit

3-4 tbsp brandy or simiar

2ozs chopped nuts

4ozs cherries

Blanched whole almonds for decoration


Put fruit into a bowl and drizzle with brandy overnight to plump up and moisten.  Next day add rinds, nuts and cherries.

Cream fat and sugar, then add eggs and flour/salt/spice (sieved together) alternatively (so no curdling).

Mix in the fruit mixture and put into tins lined with baking parchment.  Smooth top with wet hand or spoon and decorate with blanched almonds.

Depending on your oven, bake at about 170c for approx. 2 hours but check with a skewer after 1.5 hours.



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Love Songs

What are the songs that sum up your romantic life?

Maybe you have a record to mark each grand love affair, or some tunes that got you through a breakup? Or perhaps there’s a playlist that sums up your life with your partner?

In this new feature, we’re inviting you to share your 10 love songs. If you’d like to take part, these are the submission guidelines:

  • Send your list of songs in the body of an email to
  • Please send no more than ten songs, with a full title and artist name.
  • For each song, include a short paragraph explaining why you’ve chosen it.
  • Please also include your name (or pseudonym) and a short description of who you are or what your list is about.

Before you start, it’s a good idea to take a look at other Love Songs posts, for example this one.

I will make your tracks into a Spotify playlist. Please bear in mind that I don’t edit your posts, so they must be as good as you can make them, and I reserve the right to turn down any lists that I don’t feel are suitable for the blog.

I can’t wait to see (and hear) your lists!

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Oops! Missed posts for subscribers

Sorry to those of you who rely on your email subscription to get my latest posts. I had a slight senior moment with Mail Chimp, which means that nothing has been sent out for several days.

This means that you may not have received Thursday’s lovely guest post, Pretty Kitty (including a fab competition – I’ve extended the deadline until close of play tomorrow to ensure that email subscribers get a chance to enter).

You will have also missed my last two 52 Seductions posts – Date Night and Ooooh, Saucy!

Apologies again – I’ll get the hang of this eventually! Honest.

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Whispers #11 & #12

This week, the Whispers come a day early to make way for the final Seduction tomorrow. After that, me & H are off to Paris for a well-earned rest before we start working out how to continue to have sex without the structure of the Seductions to keep us going. Eek.

In the meantime, I’ve got two excellent Whispers for you today.

Whisper #11 is a thought-provoking cri de coeur about how we see sex and fat bodies – or how we in fact refuse to see it at all. The author captures beautifully what it’s like to find your sexuality when society disapproves of your body.

Whisper #12 is a lovely, sleepy poem about morning sex from friend-of-the-blog TeacherMommy, who writes the wonderful Diapers & Dragons. Gorgeous.

Enjoy! And please do send me your own Whispers – you can write anonymously, and I’m always on the lookout for new posts for this popular feature. (I also love reading them!) Submission guidelines are here.

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Whisper #6 – Blackberry Juice

Today’s Whisper is a fabulous, sexy and – literally – juicy short story. It is also a novel way to encourage men to eat fruit. I know you’re going to absolutely love it. Please leave lots of appreciative comments for the wonderful Farah.

Whisper #6 – Blackberry Juice

If you’d like to write your own Whisper, we’d love to read it! The submission guidelines are here.

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Whisper #4 – Seducing the Body

Isn’t our series of guest posts turning out to be wonderful?

Today, Whisper #4 is written by Jess, who shares a time when she found that connecting with her body led to astonishing sensations in bed.

You can find it here.

Enjoy! And do show your support for Jess by adding a comment.

Would you like to write a ‘whisper’ for The 52 Seductions? We’d love to read it! Check out the guidelines here.


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The Mucky Book Club

Because, you know, I like to keep myself busy, I’ve come up with a stonking new idea.

Do you like your leisure reading to have a little frisson of naughtiness?

Do you sometimes have to hide your blushes when you’re reading on the train?

Did your teenage copy of Forever by Judy Blume mysteriously fall open on certain pages?

Would you nevertheless run a mile from the Erotica section of your local bookshop?

Then the Mucky Book Club is for you!

The Mucky Book Club is an online reading circle devoted to reading great books that just happen to have an undercurrent of lust running through them. Think Jilly Cooper’s Riders or Ian McEwan’s Atonement, and all the shades of meaning inbetween.

Once a month, we will all read a Mucky Book Club pick, and then share our views on our online forum. The initial debate will happen live, but those who can’t make it can join in on our discussion boards.

Meanwhile, we can also share the Mucky Books we’re reading or have enjoyed in the past, by posting recommendations and reviews.

The home of the Mucky Book Club is on Shelfari, which and it’s very easy to sign up. Click here to find our page.

We also have a Facebook page where we can share news and debate.

Finally, you can follow the #MuckyBooks tag on Twitter.

Please join us! News of our first group read coming soon.

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